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C4D R15 MacOS零售版安装包 CRK

C4D R15 MacOS零售版安装包 CRK

Industry-Defining 3D Creative Toolset for Motion Graphics, Animation, Visual Effects and Visualization Workflows Highlighted at IBC2013
MAXON today announced immediate availability ofCINEMA 4D Release 15 (R15), a milestone release of its flagship 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting, and rendering software application. Marked by new features and powerful 3D workflow enhancements to modeling, text creation, digital sculpting, advanced rendering optimization — including all-new network rendering capabilities — Release 15 expresses the company’s commitment to deliver its customer community with continued innovation and the most advanced 3D creative solutions in the industry.Ideally suited to broadcast motion graphics and visual effects artists, game developers, architects and designers seeking exceptional stability and performance, CINEMA 4D Release 15 offers spectacular image quality, unmatched integration with leading 2D compositing applications, and a straightforward, efficient and flexible interface to handle the complexities of today’s cross-collaboration production environments.CINEMA 4D Release 15 InfoMAXON will internationally debut CINEMA 4D Release 15 next week at IBC2013, the premier annual conference and exhibition for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content taking place September 13-17 at the Amsterdam RAI. The MAXON Booth/Stand at IBC will be located in Hall 6, # 6.C19.[Editors’ Note: Additional details on MAXON at IBC2013]David Lewandowski, director and animation artist (Oblivion, Tron: Legacy, Tiny Tortures, Going to the Store) states, “Release 15 is an exciting update for users of every skill level. The all-new Team Render and Bevel alone make this a must-have upgrade for me.”Pricing, Availability and Upgrade Path
CINEMA 4D Release 15 is available through MAXON and its authorized dealers. Customers with an active MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) valid through September 3, 2013, will receive an automatic upgrade. Release 15 is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. Recommended System Requirements.About CINEMA 4D
CINEMA 4D is an award-winning, 3D motion graphics toolkit acclaimed for its seamless connectivity to popular 2D motion graphics and compositing tools. Individual artists and design teams around the world rely on the professional 3D software package, as the first choice to create high-end 3D images and animations for film, television/broadcast, architecture, games, multimedia, design and engineering.Recent high profile entertainment projects that have used CINEMA 4D for spectacular animation and visual effects sequences include a range of feature films including Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Oblivion, the hit game series Halo 4; the multi Emmy-award winning TV series’, Boardwalk Empire and Grimm; and countless broadcast campaigns, title sequences, music videos and television commercials for leading national and international brands.Acclaimed as the most pipeline-friendly professional 3D package for the motion graphics market, today’s most widely recognized broadcast and television industry entities rely on CINEMA 4D including NBC, FOX, The Weather Channel, MTV, Comedy Central, NFL, National Geographic Channel, BBC, Swiss TV, ITV, Sky TV, Al Jazeera, and many others.CINEMA 4D R15 Imagery
Architectural Grass
Typo Tools3D创意产业定义运动图形,动画,视觉效果和可视化工作流工具箱强调在IBC2013
MAXON CINEMA 4D版本15 (R15) ,其旗舰三维运动图形,视觉效果,绘画,和渲染软件应用的一个里程碑释放今天宣布推出。标志着新的功能和强大的3D建模,文字创作,数字雕刻,先进的渲染优化 – 包括所有新的网络渲染功能 – 15版本表示该公司的承诺,提供其客户群体不断的创新和最先进的工作流程增强3D创意解决方案的行业。
非常适合播放动态图形和视觉特效艺术家,游戏开发人员,建筑师和设计师追求卓越的稳定性和性能, CINEMA 4D 15版提供了壮观的图像质量,无与伦比的集成与领先的二维合成应用程序,一个简单,高效,灵活的接口来处理今天的交叉合作生产环境的复杂性。 CINEMA 4D的15版本信息国际亮相MAXON CINEMA 4D的15版下周在IBC2013 ,最大的年度会议及展览专业从事9月13日至17日在阿姆斯特丹RAI的娱乐和新闻内容的创建,管理和交付。 MAXON公司在IBC摊位/展位将设在6号馆,# 6.C19 。 [编者注:其他详细信息,对MAXON公司在IBC2013 ]大卫·莱万多夫斯基,导演和动画艺术家(遗忘,特隆:遗产,微小的折磨,去商店)指出, “ 15版是一个令人兴奋的更新的技术水平,为用户的每一个全新的团队渲染和锥使这个必须具备的升级我。 “
CINEMA 4D的15版,可通过MAXON公司及其授权经销商。积极MAXON公司服务协议(MSA) ,有效期至2013年9月3日,客户将收到一封自动升级。 15版是可以在Mac OS X和Windows 。推荐的系统要求。关于CINEMA 4D
CINEMA 4D是一个屡获殊荣的三维运动图形工具,广受赞誉,其无缝连接到流行的二维运动图形和合成工具。个别艺术家和世界各地的设计团队依靠专业3D软件包,作为第一选择,以打造高端的3D图像和动画电影,电视/广播,建筑,游戏,多媒体,设计及工程。近期高调的娱乐项目,使用CINEMA 4D为壮观的动画和视觉效果序列包括故事片,包括环太平洋地区,钢铁侠3 ,遗忘,打游戏系列光环4 ;多艾美奖获奖电视剧“的范围,海滨帝国和格林和无数的广播宣传,片头,音乐视频和电视广告为主导的国内和国际品牌。被誉为的大多数管道友好专业3D包运动图形市场,今天的最广泛认可的广播和电视行业的实体依赖于CINEMA 4D ,包括NBC , FOX ,天气频道, MTV ,喜剧中心, NFL ,国家地理频道,英国广播公司瑞士电视台, ITV ,天空电视台,半岛电视台和其他许多人。



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