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The PixelFarm PFDepth 2014.3.3 WIN64


PFDepth is an entire suite of tools designed to give creative artists complete control over how the depth of a scene is reconstructed, and how stereoscopic images are viewed.PFDepth artists work within a true 3D world space using real-world camera models. This seemingly simple concept is what allows PFDepth to create extremely accurate, per-pixel depth maps for deep compositing and 2D to 3D conversion, and fix problems with a stereo image pair that may have happened back when the scene was originally shot. The result is total creative control, without the guesswork.

Creating an extremely detailed, and very accurate depth map is fundamental to PFDepth, and the foundation of what makes it so unique. PFDepth allow for per-pixel-per-frame accuracy to be automatically estimated, or defined by the artist using actual camera-to-object distances in world space.

PFDepth’s next-generation tools for correcting problems with stereoscopic images builds consistent stereo pairs, and a more enjoyable 3D experience for the viewer. And stereo pairs play well with the rest of PFDepth, so of course you can create independent, or paired per-pixel-per-frame depth maps for stereoscopic visual effects work.

PFDepth allows artists to work faster, while producing better looking, more accurate results. With PFDepth, 3D filmmaking has never been so easy, giving you all the tools you need to convert 2D scenes to stereoscopic 3D in minutes - not hours or days.

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